Voluntary work (as a docent at the Whitney Museum of American Art since 2008,  as well as at the Neuberger Museum of Art since 1999) has given her an extensive knowledge of art history that reinforces her own artistic choices. In addition to this academic training, Laurence’s professional experience organizing trips to museums, galleries and artists’ studios, keeps her in tune with the latest trends in New York’s vibrant art scene.

Laurence has had many annual group exhibitions in the New York area, and her work has been internationally collected. She currently resides in Mamaroneck, New York.


Laurence Neron-Bancel is interested in how memory works as a (re)constructive process that reproduces, filters, changes, and interprets the past and the present. As such, her collages are built through a process of exploring the notions of collection, recollection, juxtaposition and adaptation. She derives her inspiration from a deep desire to retain a sense of fantasy, youth and freedom within her life. She also loves to use materials which might otherwise easily be ignored or discarded.

Born in France, Laurence has lived in the New York Area for the last 13 years. Her collages are not only inspired by her life in New York and the city’s ever-evolving architectural landscape, but also incorporate all kinds of influences from her time residing in England, Argentina and in the French Caribbean (Martinique),  and her extensive traveling around the world.